What a ding-a-ling!

I've spent money on a lot of stupid things over the years, but by far, the stupidest money I have ever spent was on a doorbell for our new dog. "Communication is important" I said. I worried that he was too clumsy to scratch on the door to go out. Whenever I lifted his paws [...]

Something Amazing Happened This Summer!

I am so excited to tell you about something amazing that happened this summer. Benjamin went to summer camp! How awesome is that! I know you may be thinking - big deal - tonnes of kids go to camp. However, most people might not know that it is darned near impossible for kids with complicated [...]

Our Altered Life – a book review

I bought this book almost two years ago. I knew that the syndrome discussed in the book was also my son's syndrome, but I just didn't want to read a book that was going to be a downer. Finally this summer I pulled it out and literally couldn't put it down for three days. My [...]

Shriner’s Gala

So, a huge thank you to everyone who donated to the Shriners Gala. I think the night was a great success! Ben attended with us. I had to speak, so he introduced me. He was far more comfortable With a microphone than I was! He spent most of the night wandering back and forth between [...]