Can I say bad words there?

As my six year old son and I were told less than a week ago that we would be going to live in a hospital 3,500 km away for a few months, I have been mentally bracing myself for some difficult questions he may or may not ask.  Having said that, I wasn't ready for [...]

It’s like packing for a tropical vacation..

without the beach, swimwear, and sandals...and nobody really cares if you've had a bikini wax or not.  Ok...well on second thought - it's not like packing for a tropical vacation at all. I think it's important as an adult to recognize your strengths and weaknesses.  One of my weaknesses is that I'm a chronic over-packer. [...]

Is it weird that I was expecting deep fryers in every room?

We arrived at Ronald McDonald House (or Manoir) last night after a very long day of flying.  They cancelled our flight in Toronto, so we were rerouted to a different one.  To be honest, I had no idea what to expect here.  All of our previous stays were at a hotel.  We will be staying [...]

Pre-Op Adventures

Yesterday was a busy day.  We were mostly at MCH (Montreal Children's Hospital).  We started out at the Shriner's for a quick OT assessment.  They were checking Ben's mobility and sense of touch as well as measuring him for some upcoming equipment.  This will set the baseline standards for him.  We also got to meet [...]

One Surgery Down…

Ben made it through his surgery well.  He had a difficult intubation, so they are keeping us at MCH overnight.  They installed the halo and also did an anchor on his lumbar spine.  He isn't talking much, but gives a thumbs-up when asked how he is.  Tonight will be all about comfort and pain management. [...]

Rough Day

Ben had a bit of a rough day!  He's hanging in there, but the pain for him can be overwhelming at times.  We are trying a lot of different medications and combinations, but it can be tricky to stay ahead of it.  Surprisingly, the halo on his head - picture a steel bowling ball frame [...]

Halo (not the Adele song…)

First of all, I apologize for the essay like nature of this post.  The fact of the matter is, I have got way too much time on my hands, so I apologize.  If you are a super busy person, you should just skip this one.  Did I mention that we are in isolation?  Yup...we are.  [...]

The Gift of School

School in the hospital has three major benefits: it gives the patients a regular routine which helps to pass the days; it helps distract from the aches and pains of everyday hospital life, and it provides a critical and necessary opportunity to help the students keep up with their studies back home.  It also pulls [...]