Bandages are off…

I’m really scared of getting bandages taken off.  I don’t like bandage takings off more than surgeries.  My mom says it’s because I am a hairy little monkey.  Last time I got them off I cried for a long time.  My nurse said that she would do her very best to take them off nicely and she would be super slow so it wouldn’t hurt too much.  She said it might hurt a bit though.

First she brought in some special squirt guns and squirted me all over until my back was really wet.

Then she put a nice warm towel on my neck for a while. Then she brought in some crazy sponge guys to help her with the job.  I was able to watch my crazy cat videos while she worked.  It took a long time, but it didn’t really hurt too much.  Now, I only have little bandaids everywhere, but they will come off all by themselves.    

Afterwards I was allowed to squirt her with the squirt guns.  It was super funny!  It looked like she pee’d her pants, and her glasses were all wet.  I laughed about that almost all day.   
Later when I was in physio we made up a spy plan to sneak up and scare her at her desk.  We sneaked up really quietly in my wheelchair.  I gave her a loud dinosaur roar right behind her.  She screamed really loud and said she was really scared. I might scare her again tomorrow.  

We watched Trolls today at movie day.  Raquel picked it again.  She would pick it 100 times if she could.  She really likes it.  


Hear me Roar!

This morning when I got up the doctors were in my room.   They looked at me and made me do some of my muscle tests.  One doctor said I was a bit weak on one side and saw that my neck doesn’t really move.  It was really hard for me to squeeze his hand.  He came back a little bit later and squeezed my hand and made me do muscle stuff again.  He said I was still very weak on one side because I couldn’t squeeze his hand very hard.  He said we need to do some xrays and then go to the other hospital for a different type of xray – mom says the special X-ray is called a CT.  First we went downstairs to do our regular xray.  The xray lady didn’t see me for a while, so she said a bunch of love words and slobbered in my hair a bit when she kissed me.  She said sorry it was so wet.  After we got back to my room, my surgery doctor came to see me too.  He made me do muscles too.  When he left, someone picked me up to push my bed to the other hospital and take a super xray.  Mom says we just want to make sure there’s no funny business going on.  The X-ray didn’t take very long at all.  When we came back, I wanted to go to school and say hi to Mrs. Maria and my friend Michael.  And guess what….I went to school in my bed.  That was crazy!  Sometimes we have pajama day at my real school back home, but we aren’t allowed to come in our beds – that would be weird.  After I got back to my room, the physio ladies came and made me do lots of exercises.   They said I worked very hard.  I even walked a tiny bit with my walker even though it’s very hard for me to stand up.  In the middle of my exercises all the lights went out, and they stayed out for a long time.  My lunch was late because the lights were off upstairs too.  In the afternoon I went to school again, and it was just me and Mrs. Maria.  We couldn’t use any computers and stuff.  Then a lady picked me up at school to give me a smaller wheelchair to practice in because the big one I had kept swallowing me up.  After I had to do some more exercises with the ladies again.  In the middle of my dinosaur stretches I roared so loud the lights went back on.  Mom says I should have roared four hours ago.  Roaring might be my new superpower.

Movie Day

When I woke up this morning I asked Mom if it was movie day.  She said it was, and if I worked hard at physio and ate some food today I could go to the movie.  I wasn’t allowed to eat popcorn though because my tummy doesn’t really like food yet.  Instead I got to sip a little bit of ginger ale and have some cookies. We watched the movie Sing!  

Did you know if your mouth is really tired your butt can swallow pills.  I just found that out.  That’s crazy! 

Today they took all the wires off my arms and legs and chest.  I still have things sticking out of my hand and leg in case I need medicine fast.  All the rest of my medicine I have to swallow now – with my mouth.  I worked really hard today at physio.  I even sat up for a while, but I needed help and it was really hard.  Tomorrow I maybe can sit in a wheelchair.  Mom says that might  help me feel better.  

Ready for Surgery

This weekend I got to play with my friends here a lot!  One of our favourite games is playing hospital.  We all take turns playing doctor and we give the babies casts and x-rays and walkers.  If the babies are bad, we give them morphine to stop them crying, but it’s just a pretend needle.  My favourite game is still playing Hot Wheels in my room.

Tomorrow is my surgery and I think I am all ready. I had to do some really weird things today.  My mom told me that I was getting a magic poop and fart potion from the nurse.  She says the doctors are worried that I might fart in the middle of surgery and then they will drop all their instruments and run from the room, so it’s important that I do this.  My nurse came in with a magic wand and did a bunch of funny stuff to make me laugh.  She even gave me a whoopee cushion in case I lost my farts for a while.   I don’t know what they gave me, but it was crazy!  After they gave me a new Hot Wheels and said I did amazing.  Then I had to have a shower with some crazy soap so I smell nice for the doctors.  They really seem to like clean kids that don’t fart and poop.  Then I went to have a snack in the kitchen because I can’t eat anything for a while after my surgery.  I have to get up really early tomorrow, so I need to go to bed now.  I may not write on my blog for a little while because I will be really tired after my surgery.


A Famous Guy

A famous guy came to see me today at lunchtime.  He was a hockey player and he is Canadian.  I am too.  Mom said his name was Brendan Gallagher.  He had heard about my leprechaun trap, so I showed him a picture because the real thing got  accidentally ripped the other day when I pulled out my presents so hard.  We spent most of the time talking about my last soccer game and the goal I scored.  I showed him my Timbits medal, and he liked it.  I asked him if they get medals in hockey.  He says sometimes they do.  It’s too bad he can’t play soccer.

Mom showed me how to blow up rubber gloves yesterday and make hand balloons.  We pretended to pick our noses and arm wrestle them.  I laughed so hard I almost fell off my walker.  She says we have to be sneaky, so we don’t get in trouble, but sometimes we’re allowed to do sneaky stuff if we’ve been in the hospital for a really long time.

I have to go to the doctor at the other hospital tomorrow.  I don’t get to go outside, but I do get to use a secret passage. My mom says it’s just an ear doctor like home, so I shouldn’t worry.  I thought it was a surgery doctor.  I’m scared of surgeries.

I caught a leprechaun………almost!

Boy – these guys are so tricky.  I didn’t even know if they had been at my trap.  When I put my hand in my trap, I could definitely feel something there.  I was very excited.  Then I grabbed something and it was a note.  It said:

Then I found some wrapped presents.  This is what the leprechaun left:  a Hot Wheels car for me; a Spider-Man toy for me, a Hot Wheels car for Michael, a Star Wars toy for Michael, nail polish for Mrs. Maria, and a red pen for Mrs. Maria. We had so much fun!

After school today we had a big birthday party for Margot.  She just turned four, so we had a cake and presents and everything.

After lunch – guess what – it was movie day again!  I got to pick AGAIN, but I picked Trolls because I knew that my other friend really liked that movie.  She sang through the whole movie.  We had a nice time.  



I’m Gonna Catch a Leprechaun

I have been super busy building my leprechaun trap.  We put all kinds of things in it to get the leprechauns to come, and when they do they are gonna climb up my rainbow ladder (because they love colors and ladders). When they try to grab all my gold and green and blue coins in it, they are gonna fall in the hole and I will get to see them.  The nurses decorated the nursing station for me after they saw my leprechaun trap.  They said they were going to make it very comfortable for leprechauns here, so they wouldn’t be afraid to hang out here.  Now I just have to wait.