An awesome weekend!

I had another awesome weekend!  Grandma and  my big sister Alecia flew all the way out to see me and we played and watched movies and played some more.  I now have 12 Hot Wheels cars because Grandma got me one and my teacher keeps giving them to me for working hard.  We played and crashed them a lot.  Mom says I have to work super hard at school this week because I might not go to school next week.  My class all sent me letters, and some other class did too.  My bucket is so full I’m exploding.  I am surrounded by nice thoughts!  

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One thought on “An awesome weekend!

  1. Ben, I’m so glad the envelope came! Everyone misses you and they were happy to write to you. Thank you for the pictures! Mrs. E read your email to the class yesterday and they really liked seeing Courage and your room all decorated. They laughed when she read your comment that your room is getting out of control. We haven’t made our old fashioned toys yet, but I really like yours. I can tell you are working very hard! 🙂 I’m very happy to hear that you had a great weekend with your relatives.

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