This place is awesome!

We're staying at McDonald's house and it is awesome!  There is a big playroom and lots of TV's.  Mom says I can stay here and play all day tomorrow if I want.  Mom and I went to the store and got Toaster Strudel, so I am going to have that for breakfast.  They gave me [...]

I’ve got wheels!

This morning  the medicine they gave me to make my back hurt made me get sick.  Mom said I had to sit in my wheelchair today and I didn't want to.  I was scared of it hurting too much, but I really liked sitting up and I stayed in it all afternoon.  I even got [...]

I like to move it move it…

They made me a walker here.  It's pretty big, but I can push it all by myself.  Everybody laughs and says they can't believe how good I am at walking.  That's funny because I used to always walk.  Sometimes I get stuck in doors or go into walls, but someone always helps me unstick.  They [...]

Everything is Awesome!

Today was  a great day.  I worked hard in school today, and my teacher gave me TWO new Hot Wheels cars!  Mom said I was getting spoiled, but I told her that wasn't it.  My teacher was just so PROUD she had to buy me some cars.  After lunch it was MOVIE DAY...and guess what....I [...]