I’m Gonna Catch a Leprechaun

I have been super busy building my leprechaun trap.  We put all kinds of things in it to get the leprechauns to come, and when they do they are gonna climb up my rainbow ladder (because they love colors and ladders). When they try to grab all my gold and green and blue coins in it, they are gonna fall in the hole and I will get to see them.  The nurses decorated the nursing station for me after they saw my leprechaun trap.  They said they were going to make it very comfortable for leprechauns here, so they wouldn’t be afraid to hang out here.  Now I just have to wait.

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12 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Catch a Leprechaun

  1. That’s a really smart leprechaun trap, Ben. I think it just might work.


  2. Wow, how exciting is that. It would be so-o-o exciting to see one of those little fellows. Someone told us once that they are pretty tricky maybe even trickier than “The Tooth Fairy”! But they did say that you can always tell they have been around because sometimes they drop coins.
    We are going to cross our fingers (and maybe our toes) that a curious leprechaun ventures to your room to check out those rainbow stairs!!🌈
    Uncle Donatus and Betty🍀

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  3. Love that leprechaun trap, Ben! What a great idea! I do hope that you get to see one; I hear that they’re lots of fun! Let us know if you do! ❤️🍀❤️☘️❤️

  4. Good Luck Ben . hope you catch one or a proof that he visited this beautiful trap you made . I love it, very colorful !!!

  5. Ben,
    You inspired us with your leprechaun trap so we made one too!
    We painted a Kleenex box green and pink and yellow. Then we painted a piece of paper yellow. When the paper was dry we cut out circles. We hope the leprechaun thinks they are pieces of REAL GOLD!
    We glued some pretend gold on the box and put some inside the Kleenex box too.
    We used some of our yellow paper to make a golden staircase for the leprechaun to crawl up. Then he’ll jump in the box and we’ll have him trapped!!!!
    Let us know if you catch a French leprechaun. We will let you know if we catch an English one. Okay?

    Noltin and Loni and Nolana

    PS Joke of the day….
    Why do frogs like St.Patrick’s Day so much?
    Because they are always wearing green!

  6. Great job on your Leprechaun trap Ben! It’s so bright and colourful. 🙂 The other students in class are bringing in their traps this week. Yesterday about half of them brought it and told about how it would catch a leprechaun. Some more are bringing theirs today but it is Mrs. E’s day so I will have to wait until tomorrow to see them. Everyone is going to put their trap on their desk tonight and see if anybody catches one. We’ll look in them tomorrow morning. Remember to wear green tomorrow!

    1. Ben’s got his fingers crossed…every day he sets it up and he’s been waiting. He also put a note in asking the leprechaun for a new Hot Wheels car! 🙂

  7. That’s the best looking leprechaun trap I’ve seen, Ben! Good luck finding some of those clever little fellows! Happy green day! Xo

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