I’m gonna need 250 cc’s of Cabernet…STAT!!!

Alright....so today we are at 14 pounds of traction.  I have noticed a few changes over the weekend, nothing too alarming EXCEPT THAT MY KID NOW LIKES TO HANG FROM HIS SCREWS!!!  Ummmmm....yeah...that's right. No, I'm not joking.   The staff here say that Ben is quite the acrobat with his halo...yay!  He LOVES doing hangy things, which [...]

Everything is Awesome!

Today was  a great day.  I worked hard in school today, and my teacher gave me TWO new Hot Wheels cars!  Mom said I was getting spoiled, but I told her that wasn't it.  My teacher was just so PROUD she had to buy me some cars.  After lunch it was MOVIE DAY...and guess what....I [...]

Please don’t steal my baby…

I know that I sometimes have a tendency for paranoia, but I have always thought that social workers were put on this planet to steal people's babies. Any time they walk by me in a hospital, I hold Benjamin a bit tighter.  The last time we were admitted for a while, we had quite the [...]

Pre-Op Adventures

Yesterday was a busy day.  We were mostly at MCH (Montreal Children's Hospital).  We started out at the Shriner's for a quick OT assessment.  They were checking Ben's mobility and sense of touch as well as measuring him for some upcoming equipment.  This will set the baseline standards for him.  We also got to meet [...]