Everything is Awesome!

Today was  a great day.  I worked hard in school today, and my teacher gave me TWO new Hot Wheels cars!  Mom said I was getting spoiled, but I told her that wasn’t it.  My teacher was just so PROUD she had to buy me some cars.  After lunch it was MOVIE DAY…and guess what….I got to pick the movie.  I picked the Lego movie – the old one because Batman Lego is not out in video yet.  My friends didn’t really come out to play today – they are still  sleeping because of their surgeries, but one of the volunteers came to my room to play Lego with me…and just like in the movie…Everything was Awesome!  I felt really good today, and my nurse told me that they had never seen someone in a halo before with so few problems.  They say I am very strong!  Mom and I went upstairs tonight and got a hot chocolate, and dad sent me a big gift box with a blu-ray player and some movies in it.  One of the nurses keeps trying to steal my Hot Wheels, so I am keeping an eye on her.  I’m thinking of telling the doctor.  She’s a little bit evil, but I really like her.

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5 thoughts on “Everything is Awesome!

  1. Hi Ben! If I was closer I would come and play cars with you! Lego movie! How fun! Good choice! Everything is Awesome! Just like you! Now that will be stuck in my head all day! Thanks Benny!
    Taking me kids to the ski hill today it snowed a bit last night! Later Ben!

    1. Ben says hi! C’mon – don’t be a wus – it’s only 3,000 km… 🙂 Our snow out here is melting. It rained here all day yesterday. It will be nice to melt some of this ice. These French sidewalks are trying to kill me!!!! (Of course, if I break my leg I’m in the right place!)

  2. We will have some Lego ready and waiting to play with you when you get back. It’s so much fun to build and play Lego!!! Or maybe Star Wars!!! It sounds like you are surrounded by some really great people. I am especially glad to hear that your doctor is so wonderful. Better keep a VERY close eye on your special hot wheel stealing nurse though. I also now have the “Everything is Awesome” song in my head. It makes my heart smile to see you looking so happy. You take joy with you wherever you go.

    1. Hi Mrs. Streu

      Thanks – guess what. I put pig stickers all over my halo today, so it looks super funny. You know what else….she tried to steal my hot wheels again today. I’m being very careful.

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