Please don’t steal my baby…

I know that I sometimes have a tendency for paranoia, but I have always thought that social workers were put on this planet to steal people’s babies. Any time they walk by me in a hospital, I hold Benjamin a bit tighter.  The last time we were admitted for a while, we had quite the drama couple sharing our room (thank you Shriners for private rooms!!!).  Anyways, to make a long story short, the hospital social workers spent a lot of time around our room, so I was constantly guarding my baby.  However, it is only through my recent years working with families at the hospital that I have gotten to know many of the social workers and have discovered what amazing people they are.  They’ve also assured me that they won’t steal my (6 year old) baby, but they won’t put it in writing.

Ironically, social workers are now my lifeline to everything here in the hospital, and I have to say I feel to wonderfully taken care of. The social workers here work for the Shriners, and most of them are long-term employees (who seem to love their jobs). I go to them for everything, and they are always coming to me to see what more they can do.  For example, they asked if we were having any visitors or guests this weekend.  I told them no – were are on our own.  Their response:  we are going to call in a bunch of volunteers to play with Ben over the weekend to make sure he doesn’t get bored.  And, so it will be.  Everything they do makes my life easier in some way.

They arranged storage for me when I needed somewhere to keep my stuff, they call drivers to take us to and from wherever we need to go, they arrange meals, travel, necessities; basically, they provide us with anything we could possibly need to make our stay more comfortable.  They are always kind and patient with us.  Ben always says to me “the people here as so nice mom!” and I have to agree. Ben and I go downstairs at least twice a week to visit with whoever is there, and hopefully chat with some Shriners too.

Ben is doing great today, but he is a bit lonely.  We suspect that some of our friends might be up and at’em a bit tomorrow or at least Saturday.  Amber had her surgery yesterday, so she is doing well and is back over here, but still in advanced care and isolation.  Ben’s doctor visited him at school today to see how he was doing.  One more morning of school, then MOVIE/POPCORN Friday!!!  🙂

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5 thoughts on “Please don’t steal my baby…

  1. Do they realize you’re a popcorn snob? Only organic coconut oil with those little red chewy kernels and the big fluffy white ones? (haha 🙂

    1. I’m trying not to let them see how high maintenance I am…they might steal my baby! Besides as long as I’m not cooking it, I’m alright. You saw what happens when I try to cook cheap popcorn at Christmas!

  2. Of course you asked to get it in writing… The first time I saw a social worker in our room was the day after I had taken Elina to the pub across the street and several members of her team were there… I for sure thought I was in trouble!!!

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