Solo Student

This afternoon I was the only one at school because Amber had her surgery today and the other boy only goes in school in the mornings.  Sometimes we have new students, but the new students this week just had surgery too, so I was the only one there. My other friends are too young to go to school, so they go somewhere else instead.  In school today, I worked on building my log house for science class.  I wanted to knock it down., but Miss Maria said I should wait until I finished my drawing of it.  In the middle of class a bunch of people came in to talk to me and take pictures.  Mom said they were high school students doing a project and if they win, they would win $5,000 for the hospital, so I tried to answer their questions really good so we could win.  But I was kind of quiet because lots of people were looking at me.  I hope they still win.   I also met Paco the bird who was super funny too.  He sings a hot hot hot song.  


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11 thoughts on “Solo Student

  1. Hi Ben ! Nancy’s husband name is Paco too ( really Patrick) but I have to tell you HE DOES NOT SING !!!!
    Your Paco is much more entertaining , right ? Have a good day tomorrow.

  2. Hi Ben. I liked hearing about the bird you got to meet. Hannah gave us your valentines and I handed them out to the class today. They were surprised. Everyone was happy and excited to get a valentine from you! We made our boats today and tried sailing them on a big tub of water. We will make our log cabins on Friday. I can’t imagine being the only student in school. I wish I could work one-on-one with all of my students.

  3. Hi Ben!
    I miss you. I like reading your updates. I’m really happy you are doing so good.
    My mom says that Captain America says “Avengers Unite” but I think in the movies Iron Man says “Avengers Unite” before they fight the bad guys. Do you think Iron Man is the leader of the Avengers or Cap?
    Hugs, Makayla

    1. Hi Makayla!

      I’m doing pretty good here. People are so nice to me here – I can’t believe it! Iron Man is definitely the leader of the Avengers. The girl in the room beside me yells a lot, but the girl on the other side of me doesn’t. I like her better. Thanks for emailing me. Ben

  4. Hi Ben,
    Thanks for the Star Wars Valentine. I am a big Star Wars fan. For Christmas my mom and dad got me the Lego Millenium Falcon. I just finished putting it together last night. I will send your mom the picture to show you. It sure sounds like your new school is pretty cool. You won’t want to come back! Guess what? We get a movie day this afternoon too!!!

  5. We made boats yesterday. We haven’t made our log house yet. Today we are watching the movie “Epic” because Mrs. Engerdahl is testing us on our reading.

    I hope you are feeling better Ben – from Bennett

    We miss playing army with you. Liam and Eric

    Thank you for the valentine card Ben – from Alayna

    We miss playing with you – Jade, Jonas, Jeff, Jaxen, Ezra, Aubrey, Gabby and Arhum

    I miss seeing your cute face – Jeff

    I miss reading with you – from Aubrey

    I wish you didn’t have surgery – Alyson



    1. I loved this Elaine – so did Ben!!! I think we are a little out of order on our projects, but I’m sure it will all work out in the end. Ben is working hared in school, and we also do homework every night. I am careful because he frustrates and tires easily, so we do little bits here and there. His teacher is teaching his new sight words, and I am reviewing his old ones. He is almost up to date on spelling I think, and we are getting there in math. Hopefully we won’t get too far behind after his second surgery. We are trying to stay as up-to-date as possible. πŸ™‚

      1. So much admiration for this little trooper. Hannah told me that she was visiting.


  6. Ben,

    Knock, knock!
    “Who’s there””
    Cows go
    “Cows go who”
    NOOOOO, Cows go moooooo!!!!

    Love, Mrs. Brown

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