I Lost My Tooth!

I was so excited yesterday.  I finally had a wiggly tooth.  I found it after school.  I have been waiting for this day for a long time.  We went around to tell everybody all about it.  When we were eating supper, mom told me to hurry up and eat my mini-burgers.  Then I noticed my tooth was gone.  We checked everywhere, but I think I swallowed it.  I was so sad.  I wrote a note to the tooth fairy to see if maybe she would come anyway.  When mom and I went for a walk later I thought of a great idea.  On the bottom of my note to the tooth fairy I wrote “P.S. you can look in my mouth for proof”.  My nurse says that was a great idea because sometimes I sleep with my mouth open, so it would be super easy for the tooth fairy to do that.  And you know what, when I woke up this morning I checked under my pillow, but there was nothing there.  I was a little sad that my plan didn’t work, but then mom said maybe I should check under my bum.  I laughed but checked anyways.   And you know what…there was a bunch of coins there.  I forgot that I sleep sitting up, so that’s why they were under my bum.  My mom says that I probably got so many coins because I was in the hospital when I lost my first tooth.  I was so happy my plan worked!  

My friend Amber left to go home today, so I am really going to miss her.  

7 thoughts on “I Lost My Tooth!

  1. The Tooth Fairy did her best not to wake you up and she emptied her magic purse just for you !. I am glad that you are such in good spirit. It is very cold in Edmonton now but Spring will bring warmer weather just for you Ben. Your friend Amber looks good and I understand you’
    re going to miss her but you will make new friends , you are so easy and funny, everybody loves you , Thinking of you .. xxxx

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  2. I read your letter to the class and they were excited to hear about your lost tooth. I thought the tooth fairy would come. Yeah! You are a genius to think of having her check your mouth for proof! I’ve only ever heard of her leaving her coins under the pillow. That’s so funny that you were sitting on them! I’ll let the class know. We still miss having you in class. It has been very cold and we have been having lots of inside recess again.

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  3. That tooth fairy is pretty sneaky. I bet that she looked in your mouth for the proof. Amazing idea to think of that but then I know that you are a pretty smart guy. You are looking pretty cute with that missing tooth.

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  4. Tyus and Liam lost their tooth recently while eating their lunch. The tooth fairy has been very busy! Sounds like she or he treated you extra special. We all miss you!


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