Hear me Roar!

This morning when I got up the doctors were in my room.   They looked at me and made me do some of my muscle tests.  One doctor said I was a bit weak on one side and saw that my neck doesn’t really move.  It was really hard for me to squeeze his hand.  He came back a little bit later and squeezed my hand and made me do muscle stuff again.  He said I was still very weak on one side because I couldn’t squeeze his hand very hard.  He said we need to do some xrays and then go to the other hospital for a different type of xray – mom says the special X-ray is called a CT.  First we went downstairs to do our regular xray.  The xray lady didn’t see me for a while, so she said a bunch of love words and slobbered in my hair a bit when she kissed me.  She said sorry it was so wet.  After we got back to my room, my surgery doctor came to see me too.  He made me do muscles too.  When he left, someone picked me up to push my bed to the other hospital and take a super xray.  Mom says we just want to make sure there’s no funny business going on.  The X-ray didn’t take very long at all.  When we came back, I wanted to go to school and say hi to Mrs. Maria and my friend Michael.  And guess what….I went to school in my bed.  That was crazy!  Sometimes we have pajama day at my real school back home, but we aren’t allowed to come in our beds – that would be weird.  After I got back to my room, the physio ladies came and made me do lots of exercises.   They said I worked very hard.  I even walked a tiny bit with my walker even though it’s very hard for me to stand up.  In the middle of my exercises all the lights went out, and they stayed out for a long time.  My lunch was late because the lights were off upstairs too.  In the afternoon I went to school again, and it was just me and Mrs. Maria.  We couldn’t use any computers and stuff.  Then a lady picked me up at school to give me a smaller wheelchair to practice in because the big one I had kept swallowing me up.  After I had to do some more exercises with the ladies again.  In the middle of my dinosaur stretches I roared so loud the lights went back on.  Mom says I should have roared four hours ago.  Roaring might be my new superpower.

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15 thoughts on “Hear me Roar!

  1. How lucky are you to go to school in your pyjamas and in your bed. I hope everyday you feel better than the day before. You are such a brave boy and that super roar is impressive. Keep up the good work with your exercises.

  2. Ben,
    What is invisible and smells like carrots?
    A bunny fart!!!! Hahahaha!!
    You’ve had me laughing out loud with your stories about pills and bums. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if your bum farted the moment it swallowed a pill? Haha! Don’t try it. Well, maybe……
    Keep on, keepin’ on. You are AMAZING.

  3. Way to go Ben that is too cool you get to go to school in your bed. You must have a super duper roar I will have to get you to come over and do it for me the next time my power goes out. Keep up the good work.

  4. NO FAIR!!! I want to go to school in bed too!!!!! Do you think I should try it Ben?
    Mrs. Brown

  5. Good roaring job Ben! Thank god you were there, otherwise the hospital might still be in the dark! ๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  6. You are so funny, Ben! I love the thought of going to school in bed! How fun is that! They would have to build bigger schools for all the beds and then mom’s and dad’s would have to buy bigger cars so they can fit all the beds in …. maybe that’s not a good idea …. You’re very lucky to go to school in your bed! I sure hope that your neck and muscles get stronger soon; good for you to do the exercises! I sure love your super powers! I’m going to try that! Sending you big hugs and love, over the computer! (not the sloppy kind that old aunts give ๐Ÿ˜‰ !) xoxoxoxo

  7. Hmm. If your new superpower in roaring, I may have to invest in some good ear plugs before you come back to school. The power was out at Mrs. Leibel’s house a few days ago-she could have used you. I have a bad head cold and would have liked to stay home in my bed, but taking my bed to school does hold some appeal. I’m glad to know that you got to try it. My daughter Cassandra got home safely yesterday from Australia. She got to experience a bit of the cyclone, which they crazily named Debbie. Keep moving even when you don’t want too! You are one tough cookie-Iron Man!

  8. School in your bed??!! That sounds like fun. But I can’t let you do that here. Our classroom would be way too full if everyone came in their beds but it does sound like a good idea.
    Keep doing your exercises. Like the doctors say, “It’s good for you.” It will help, even if it hurts at the time. We miss you lots in class. I want to see your smile again soon!

  9. You are our super hero! With all that exercising, you will become super strong! The boys in the classroom think you are going to become “Batman”. I think you will come back the “Hulk”. Can’t wait to see you.

    Mrs. Engerdahl

  10. Hi Ben,
    I miss playing zombie wars with you. From Eric & Liam & Bennett

    It was cool when you said that you roared and the lights came back on. From Aubrey & Jeff

    I miss you. From Ava

    We miss playing with you. From Jade

    I got you Pokemon. From Arhum

    I thought you are cute and I thought you didn’t roar. From Ezra

    I am going to make a picture for you. From Jaxen

    I hope you get better soon. From Jonas & Tyus

    How are you feeling? From Parker

    I am going to make a picture for you too. It was my birthday. From Gabby

    I am making a picture for you Ben. From Gracee & Makayla

    I want you to feel better and come to play with me. From Alyson

    I hope you are feeling good. Is it friendly there? From Rebecca

    We all miss you. From Abby

    You are a true superhero. Keep getting stronger. From Mrs. A

    We all miss you a lot! From Mrs. C

    1. Hi guys! I am actually feeling good right now. It is my bedtime, and you guys are probably just eating dinner. The people here are very friendly. I miss you guys too. I am working hard so I can see you again. I think that I will not be able to go to school right away when we get back to Alberta because it takes a long time for bones to heal and stuff. My mom says I can go to say hi sometimes and eventually I will be strong enough to go to school all day. I miss you guys. I really liked the card you sent me the other day. It makes me feel better when you guys say nice things. I am practicing my zombie walk so we can play wars again. I miss you too. Ben

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