I caught a leprechaun………almost!

Boy – these guys are so tricky.  I didn’t even know if they had been at my trap.  When I put my hand in my trap, I could definitely feel something there.  I was very excited.  Then I grabbed something and it was a note.  It said:

Then I found some wrapped presents.  This is what the leprechaun left:  a Hot Wheels car for me; a Spider-Man toy for me, a Hot Wheels car for Michael, a Star Wars toy for Michael, nail polish for Mrs. Maria, and a red pen for Mrs. Maria. We had so much fun!

After school today we had a big birthday party for Margot.  She just turned four, so we had a cake and presents and everything.

After lunch – guess what – it was movie day again!  I got to pick AGAIN, but I picked Trolls because I knew that my other friend really liked that movie.  She sang through the whole movie.  We had a nice time.  



8 thoughts on “I caught a leprechaun………almost!

  1. Ben, we are so excited that those tricky little green fellows came, visited, and left evidence that they were there. We can tell they are pretty special guys because of the things they left behind brought a smile to so many peoples faces. We want to say thanks to you for the trap you built that ended up bringing happiness to lots of your special friends!
    Uncle Donatus and Betty

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  2. Almost caught him. Maybe next time. You sure are a good friend to pick a movie for your friend Ben. She is very lucky to have a friend like you. Take care

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  3. Ben it was so nice of you to pick the movie that your friend really likes. It sounds like you had a really fun day. We didn’t catch any leprechauns in class today either but there were little green footprints all over our classroom floor when we came in first thing in the morning! There were no leprechauns around at the end of the day either, so I had to wash the floor after school and the footprints were hard to get off. I had to scrub.

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  4. Ben,
    Nice try with your trap. We like the colours.
    We did not catch any leprechauns either. But he was in our house!
    He left us some candy in the trap. He fell in our trap but got out by drilling a hole!
    He left my Grandpa a big green hat because they were having a sleepover.
    The leprechaun even peed in our toilet! The water was green.

    Love Noltin and Loni and Nolana

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  5. You Mom is going to have to buy a new suitcase to take home all your new cars and toys. It sure sounds like you loved by lots of people at the hospital. I love reading all about your adventures in Montreal. Keep smiling because you have a great one. Love Auntie June

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