A Famous Guy

A famous guy came to see me today at lunchtime.  He was a hockey player and he is Canadian.  I am too.  Mom said his name was Brendan Gallagher.  He had heard about my leprechaun trap, so I showed him a picture because the real thing got  accidentally ripped the other day when I pulled out my presents so hard.  We spent most of the time talking about my last soccer game and the goal I scored.  I showed him my Timbits medal, and he liked it.  I asked him if they get medals in hockey.  He says sometimes they do.  It’s too bad he can’t play soccer.

Mom showed me how to blow up rubber gloves yesterday and make hand balloons.  We pretended to pick our noses and arm wrestle them.  I laughed so hard I almost fell off my walker.  She says we have to be sneaky, so we don’t get in trouble, but sometimes we’re allowed to do sneaky stuff if we’ve been in the hospital for a really long time.

I have to go to the doctor at the other hospital tomorrow.  I don’t get to go outside, but I do get to use a secret passage. My mom says it’s just an ear doctor like home, so I shouldn’t worry.  I thought it was a surgery doctor.  I’m scared of surgeries.

9 thoughts on “A Famous Guy

  1. Hi Ben! Wow you got to meet a hockey player!! Lucky you! Glad you told him all about soccer cause I like soccer better! Karson played in the soccer provincials in Calgary last weekend and they came 6th in the province! He wishes it was 1st but maybe another year! I’m glad your mom is letting you do sneaky things in there! She has fun wherever she is! I like your picture but you have so many stuffies in you bed how do you fit in there??

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  2. Wow Ben!!!! My boys are so jealous of you getting to meet Brendan Gallagher. He’s pretty good, but more importantly, you need to get me some of those rubber gloves. I think that we could have a good game of “Don’t Let it Hit the Floor” when you come back!!! Miss you lots turkey pants!!!!!

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  3. I’m going to read your post to the class tomorrow. They will be so surprised when they found out that you got to meet a hockey player! I’m glad you get to be sneaky sometimes in the hospital. If I’d have to be in the hospital so long, I think I’d want to be a little sneaky too. Have fun with those rubber gloves.

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  4. We had so much fun reading your blog and watching your videos.

    Godzilla destroyed my building I made in class. Makayla

    I made a zombie trap yesterday. Jonas

    I am sitting beside your desk. Gracee

    I ,made a police station. Arhum

    I made a boat that can spin around on land. Eric

    I love that cute face of yours. Ezra

    Sounds like you are making new friends. Parker

    I am going for a sleepover at Alaynas. Gabby

    I miss your giggle. Mrs. Streu

    I miss playing army with you. Eric and Liam

    I made a horse with toilet roll. Jade

    Teegan and I made a bank. Jeff

    I ,miss playing army with you. Bennett

    We miss reading with you Ben – Aubrey, Alyson, Liam, Parker, Arhum and everyone.

    I miss your sense of humour Ben – Mrs. Engerdahl


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