Ready for Surgery

This weekend I got to play with my friends here a lot!  One of our favourite games is playing hospital.  We all take turns playing doctor and we give the babies casts and x-rays and walkers.  If the babies are bad, we give them morphine to stop them crying, but it’s just a pretend needle.  My favourite game is still playing Hot Wheels in my room.

Tomorrow is my surgery and I think I am all ready. I had to do some really weird things today.  My mom told me that I was getting a magic poop and fart potion from the nurse.  She says the doctors are worried that I might fart in the middle of surgery and then they will drop all their instruments and run from the room, so it’s important that I do this.  My nurse came in with a magic wand and did a bunch of funny stuff to make me laugh.  She even gave me a whoopee cushion in case I lost my farts for a while.   I don’t know what they gave me, but it was crazy!  After they gave me a new Hot Wheels and said I did amazing.  Then I had to have a shower with some crazy soap so I smell nice for the doctors.  They really seem to like clean kids that don’t fart and poop.  Then I went to have a snack in the kitchen because I can’t eat anything for a while after my surgery.  I have to get up really early tomorrow, so I need to go to bed now.  I may not write on my blog for a little while because I will be really tired after my surgery.


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8 thoughts on “Ready for Surgery

  1. Ben, By time you get this you will probably already have had your surgery. I hope it all goes really well and that you heal up and feel better soon!!! We all miss you back here in Alberta and can’t wait to see you. Love you lots turkey pants!!!!!

  2. Thinking of you Ben! You are a great kid and although hospitals are not the greatest place to meet, I am really glad I was there and got to meet you and your Mom. Go Ben go, you’ve got this!!!!! “

  3. And by the way, your post is hilarious… Don’ worry your fart machine will be as good as new!🤗😀🤡

  4. Hi Ben!
    I miss you! The babies you put on the walker and wheelchair look fun. And you look like a fun doctor.
    I will be thinking of you lots, and hope you feeling better after your surgery very quickly!

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