Bandages are off…

I’m really scared of getting bandages taken off.  I don’t like bandage takings off more than surgeries.  My mom says it’s because I am a hairy little monkey.  Last time I got them off I cried for a long time.  My nurse said that she would do her very best to take them off nicely and she would be super slow so it wouldn’t hurt too much.  She said it might hurt a bit though.

First she brought in some special squirt guns and squirted me all over until my back was really wet.

Then she put a nice warm towel on my neck for a while. Then she brought in some crazy sponge guys to help her with the job.  I was able to watch my crazy cat videos while she worked.  It took a long time, but it didn’t really hurt too much.  Now, I only have little bandaids everywhere, but they will come off all by themselves.    

Afterwards I was allowed to squirt her with the squirt guns.  It was super funny!  It looked like she pee’d her pants, and her glasses were all wet.  I laughed about that almost all day.   
Later when I was in physio we made up a spy plan to sneak up and scare her at her desk.  We sneaked up really quietly in my wheelchair.  I gave her a loud dinosaur roar right behind her.  She screamed really loud and said she was really scared. I might scare her again tomorrow.  

We watched Trolls today at movie day.  Raquel picked it again.  She would pick it 100 times if she could.  She really likes it.  


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12 thoughts on “Bandages are off…

  1. Hi Ben,
    So glad it didn’t hurt so bad this time. Sounds like that nurse was pretty awesome!!!! I’ll even let you squirt me if it makes you laugh!!! 🙂

  2. I remember giving you a squirt bottle to help you master the fff sound in off! By squirting ME and laughing your head off you mastered it in a day!! Saying I’ll get you fff fff!! You love to scare and squirt people!! Glad your laughing and on your road to recovery!! When you get home I want to come over and play with your cars with you!!

  3. Hi Ben,
    I’m so glad your bandages came off without hurting too much. I’d love to have seen your nurse’s face when you scared her! I’ll bet it was hilarious!
    Gramma Fleurette (Michelle ‘s mom)

  4. I’m so glad you are bandage free and that they were able to do it without much pain. I agree that getting those things off is bad…and I’m not even a hairy little monkey. Your nurse is sure a good sport! I’m glad you have been laughing so much yesterday and still today. That makes me smile too. 🙂

  5. I understand your fear of bandage removal. It hurts and hair makes it hurt worse!! Glad that it is over for you. Keep getting stronger-looking forward to seeing you and your mom.

  6. Hi Ben,
    We wish were there to laugh with you!!!

    Last night we think the Easter bunny came into our classroom. He or she (the girls think she) put an Easter basket on a high shelf and left chocolate eggs. Mrs. Engerdahl asked us to write about how we think he/she got into the school.

    Alayna – I think he dug a hole under the ground and came through the floor. He hopped onto the shelf.

    Parker, Ava, Tyus, Victoria – He came through the window

    Lani – I think he got the keys somehow

    Jade, Jonas, Abby, Jeff – I think he climbed through the air vent

    Bennett – I think he drilled a hole in the school and came down through the hole. Mrs. Engerdahl had to remind me that he would need to fix it so we couldn’t see the hole.

    Makayla – I think he punched the door to get in.

    Liam – I think he jumped on the roof and came through the chimney

    Jaxen – I think he picked up Parker’s house and smashed the roof. After he waved a wand and the roof got fixed.

    Jaidyn – I think he came through the ceiling

    Aubrey – I think his magic unlocked the doors.

    Eric – I think he came through a portal

    Gracee, Alyson – I think he went through the door

    Gabby – I think she went in the front door and hopped into the classroom and did a mega jump.

    Arhum – I think he came through the space below the door.

    Ezra – I think he got in by breaking the glass on the door and unlocked it to get inside.

    What do you think? Let us know if the Easter bunny comes to the hospital. If you happen to see him could you let us know what he looks like.


    Love from the class

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