Special Weekend

We had a very special weekend.  Every day I am so surprised by how nice people are to us.  This morning one of the cleaner people came in and brought my mom some fresh bagels.  That was such a nice thing!  It is very quiet here on the weekend.  My friend Amber is gone  now, and my two other friends had special passes, so they were allowed to stay in a hotel this weekend.  I am not allowed to go anywhere because of my halo.  The cooker guy here made me my own special supper that wasn’t even on the menu.  He made the most delicious lasagna in the world.  After that mom and I watched Shrek.

Then you will never believe what happened today.  Mom and I were in our room and strangers came and said “are you Benjamin?”  We told them I was.  Even though they didn’t even know me or my mom, they brought me a present, which was a remote control racecar.  That was crazy!  It was such a nice surprise! Mom found out he was a dentist, so I told him all about my teeth.  He was very impressed.  He just gives adults pretend teeth.  I don’t think I need a pretend tooth because mom says a new one is getting ready to move into my hole.  I had such a nice weekend!

I’m not drinking coffee in my picture – it’s just hot chocolate.

7 thoughts on “Special Weekend

  1. Wow! People sure are nice! … and a remote controlled car! How fun is that! Lucky boy! I’ll bet you had big smiles for that one! Did you know that your big smiles make other people’s hearts smile!

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  2. I’m glad you keep meeting such nice people. Did you have the remote control car burning up and down the hospital hallways? Or do you need your drivers license first? Maybe you better ask the chef for his special lasagna recipe so your mom can make it at home. I hope this is a great week for you. It has been very cold this past week but it is supposed to be warming up.

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    1. Lol…we almost got in trouble (heavy on the almost part). A doctor stopped us and said “isn’t this area for really sick people?”, so we faked a cough. Ben is spoiled like crazy here!!! I hear you found a way to keep yourself busy…lol! (Hannah was bragging!)


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  3. I’m thinking that Ben is a ray of sunshine there for everyone around him. It would be a heart wrenching job so it is good for them to see some joy (and racing cars and fake coughs). That totally made me laugh as I can just picture the two of you doing it!! Yes there is never a dull moment, When are you coming back………:)

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