Movie Day

When I woke up this morning I asked Mom if it was movie day.  She said it was, and if I worked hard at physio and ate some food today I could go to the movie.  I wasn’t allowed to eat popcorn though because my tummy doesn’t really like food yet.  Instead I got to sip a little bit of ginger ale and have some cookies. We watched the movie Sing!  

Did you know if your mouth is really tired your butt can swallow pills.  I just found that out.  That’s crazy! 

Today they took all the wires off my arms and legs and chest.  I still have things sticking out of my hand and leg in case I need medicine fast.  All the rest of my medicine I have to swallow now – with my mouth.  I worked really hard today at physio.  I even sat up for a while, but I needed help and it was really hard.  Tomorrow I maybe can sit in a wheelchair.  Mom says that might  help me feel better.  

8 thoughts on “Movie Day

  1. Oh my gosh Ben! Laughed so hard. So glad your butt can swallow pills. Been there. Done that. We were watching Sing tonight too! Jack’s favourites are the pigs and gorilla! Popcorn soon I’m guessing. Work hard!

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  2. Way to go Ben! I was surprised to see a picture of you sitting up already. You always work hard and I’m glad you got to go to Movie Night. Just keep working at your physio and you’ll be up and around soon. 🙂

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  3. Happy to hear that you can enjoy your Friday movie again because you really liked it before your surgery.
    Your recovery is on a good track…. keep it up Ben . Say Hi to your mom and dad if he is still visiting. Lovely

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  4. Wow, Ben! I am learning things from you. I had no idea that your butt could swallow pills. I had a good chuckle over that. I am very happy to see you sitting up. Keep up the hard work.

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