Special Weekend

We had a very special weekend.  Every day I am so surprised by how nice people are to us.  This morning one of the cleaner people came in and brought my mom some fresh bagels.  That was such a nice thing!  It is very quiet here on the weekend.  My friend Amber is gone  now, and my two other friends had special passes, so they were allowed to stay in a hotel this weekend.  I am not allowed to go anywhere because of my halo.  The cooker guy here made me my own special supper that wasn’t even on the menu.  He made the most delicious lasagna in the world.  After that mom and I watched Shrek.

Then you will never believe what happened today.  Mom and I were in our room and strangers came and said “are you Benjamin?”  We told them I was.  Even though they didn’t even know me or my mom, they brought me a present, which was a remote control racecar.  That was crazy!  It was such a nice surprise! Mom found out he was a dentist, so I told him all about my teeth.  He was very impressed.  He just gives adults pretend teeth.  I don’t think I need a pretend tooth because mom says a new one is getting ready to move into my hole.  I had such a nice weekend!

I’m not drinking coffee in my picture – it’s just hot chocolate.

I Lost My Tooth!

I was so excited yesterday.  I finally had a wiggly tooth.  I found it after school.  I have been waiting for this day for a long time.  We went around to tell everybody all about it.  When we were eating supper, mom told me to hurry up and eat my mini-burgers.  Then I noticed my tooth was gone.  We checked everywhere, but I think I swallowed it.  I was so sad.  I wrote a note to the tooth fairy to see if maybe she would come anyway.  When mom and I went for a walk later I thought of a great idea.  On the bottom of my note to the tooth fairy I wrote “P.S. you can look in my mouth for proof”.  My nurse says that was a great idea because sometimes I sleep with my mouth open, so it would be super easy for the tooth fairy to do that.  And you know what, when I woke up this morning I checked under my pillow, but there was nothing there.  I was a little sad that my plan didn’t work, but then mom said maybe I should check under my bum.  I laughed but checked anyways.   And you know what…there was a bunch of coins there.  I forgot that I sleep sitting up, so that’s why they were under my bum.  My mom says that I probably got so many coins because I was in the hospital when I lost my first tooth.  I was so happy my plan worked!  

My friend Amber left to go home today, so I am really going to miss her.  

An awesome weekend!

I had another awesome weekend!  Grandma and  my big sister Alecia flew all the way out to see me and we played and watched movies and played some more.  I now have 12 Hot Wheels cars because Grandma got me one and my teacher keeps giving them to me for working hard.  We played and crashed them a lot.  Mom says I have to work super hard at school this week because I might not go to school next week.  My class all sent me letters, and some other class did too.  My bucket is so full I’m exploding.  I am surrounded by nice thoughts!  

Everything is Awesome!

Today was  a great day.  I worked hard in school today, and my teacher gave me TWO new Hot Wheels cars!  Mom said I was getting spoiled, but I told her that wasn’t it.  My teacher was just so PROUD she had to buy me some cars.  After lunch it was MOVIE DAY…and guess what….I got to pick the movie.  I picked the Lego movie – the old one because Batman Lego is not out in video yet.  My friends didn’t really come out to play today – they are still  sleeping because of their surgeries, but one of the volunteers came to my room to play Lego with me…and just like in the movie…Everything was Awesome!  I felt really good today, and my nurse told me that they had never seen someone in a halo before with so few problems.  They say I am very strong!  Mom and I went upstairs tonight and got a hot chocolate, and dad sent me a big gift box with a blu-ray player and some movies in it.  One of the nurses keeps trying to steal my Hot Wheels, so I am keeping an eye on her.  I’m thinking of telling the doctor.  She’s a little bit evil, but I really like her.