I had a great weekend!

I had a great weekend.  My dad and Hannah visited me all weekend.  On Saturday Dad had a sleepover with me, and mom went with Hannah.  We had so much fun playing video games.  I showed Hannah all around my hospital.  We went to the museum downstairs; we saw the hockey waiting room on the main floor, and we ate dinner upstairs.  After that, we played in the playroom.  Hannah also got to go watch the movie with me on Friday because the lady said it was ok.

Today was a NEW day.  I got a new room AND I got a new walker.  I also got another new hot wheels because I did so good on my spelling. Then I got two new books because our friend Jeanine visited us from Beaumont and brought them to me.  

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3 thoughts on “I had a great weekend!

  1. HI Ben , this part of your new room is so colorful and nicely decorated , I like it ! And you had all your family with you , this is great ! Wish you a week filled with good events , thinking of you all…..

  2. Ben, I’m so happy you could have your whole family there for the weekend! What a special time for you. I like your new room. Have a great day!

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