Quiet Sunday

Today was a very good day here.  I do not have to stay in my room anymore.  I was not sick this morning, and my nurse took my second IV out of my arm.  Mom and I went to the playroom and did some Valentine’s cards.  It is very hard to look down, so I only signed my name.  Last night we decorated my room for Valentine’s Day and put a Lego Batman sticker on my name tag.  Tonight I went to my new friend Amber’s room to play tic tac toe with her.  She is 12 and has a halo too.  Later we played wii together.   It is very quiet in this hospital.  I had spaghetti and chocolate cake for supper!    

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8 thoughts on “ Quiet Sunday

  1. You call it QUIET DAY…you seem to find some fun things to do now that you could explore more of your surroundings. I am not surprise how easy you make friends , you are such a charming little guy !!!!
    Great evening to you both , love always . xox

  2. Love that you have found a friend, Ben! … and she has a halo too! That’s awesome! We hope that you have a fun Valentines Day! Big hugs and lots of love from Gr-Auntie Susan (Your sister used to call me Aunty Zap It! ^_^ That was funny!) xx

  3. Looking good Ben. Glad to hear you are doing so much better. Hope you have a great week this week. Thanks for posting I like to hear how your doing.

  4. Ben, I’m so glad you had a good day and have found a new friend. It’s good to get those IV tubes out – gives you more freedom to move around. I like that you put a Lego Batman sticker on your name tag – that suits you. I hope you have a good day there. 🙂

  5. From your grade 1 class:
    Ben, are you having a good time there? It is Valentine’s day today and we are sending you valentines and candy. Yesterday it was Winter Fun day and we had fun outside. We wish you were here yesterday and today. Are you feeling better? It is 100 Day tomorrow. We hope you can celebrate it there. We miss you a lot. We miss playing with you.

    1. Hi Mrs. C and my friends. I had a great, awesome day – you can real all about it. I have Valentines for you guys too. Hannah will bring them next week. I don’t know if we’ll celebrate 100 day tomorrow. I had so much crazy fun today I forgot to tell my teacher. I miss playing with you guys too!

  6. Hi Ben (and mom)!!

    Glad you are feeling better!!! You better watch out, I just shot an invisible arrow at you!!!!!

    Love, Mrs. Brown

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