I like to move it move it…

They made me a walker here.  It’s pretty big, but I can push it all by myself.  Everybody laughs and says they can’t believe how good I am at walking.  That’s funny because I used to always walk.  Sometimes I get stuck in doors or go into walls, but someone always helps me unstick.  They like when I walk, but they don’t really want me to run because I could hurt myself.  I love sitting in my wheelchair too.  Today they took off my bandage and now I don’t have to wear it anymore.​  My school sent me some valentines, so I got to open those after school. That was awesome; it really filled my bucket.  Me and my friend Rodrigo are going to eat supper together tonight.  He is a grown up, but he’s the same size as me.  He’s very nice.  

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6 thoughts on “I like to move it move it…

  1. Awesome Benjamin, I am so proud of you, it is amazing seeing you walking around. You be careful now but eventually you will be back to your own pace , you already come a long way in such a short time.. You seem to be surrounded by so many good people and friends . I noticed your name on the wall close to the door
    , I guess that is where you and your mom sleep and you even have a view on the city.. . Good night Ben ! Good night Karen !

  2. I LOVE your new walker, Ben. It’s so cool! … and you always have such a great smile! You are such a trooper! xx Gr-auntie Sue

  3. Hello Karen,
    My mom Solange sent me your wonderful blog posts. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us… it is so brilliantly written. Thinking of Benjamin’s courage and determination… what a hero!
    Looking forward to reading your next entry… and seeing more photos.
    Cindy Lister

  4. I’m so glad you got the valentines. That was very fast! And seeing your video made me smile a lot. You are doing great with the walker. We sure miss your smile in the classroom!

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