11 thoughts on “Which boat (car) can float?

  1. Nice job figuring out your experiment Ben! About time you did some work for your teacher! Ha just kidding!
    Karson had fun snowboarding today and found a new jump he liked. Chase went to a birthday party and had nerf gun wars for 3 hours!!! Hope he doesn’t try to shoot me!! Or BIG trouble! Oxo

  2. Love, love, love your experiment Ben!!! A new knock,knock joke for you:

    Knock, knock. Who’s there?
    Radio radio who?
    Radio not, here I come!!!!

  3. Great experiment Ben! You figured it out scientifically. You’re ahead of the class – they won’t do an experiment like that until the “Boats and Buoyancy” unit in Grade 2. When you build a boat, I hope it floats as well as the last one you tried, and NOT like the cars at the start!

  4. We all miss you Ben! It is March 1st. We miss playing with you. We went to the gym and watched Dufflebag Theatre. It was very funny. We miss seeing you but we liked seeing you on your video. Mrs. Streu really liked your experiment.
    From your class, 1CE.

  5. Whoa. Excellent experiment, Ben. We do this kinda stuff in my classroom in grade two! You are a smarty pants. Your teachers are so lucky to have you in their class.

    Joke time….
    What did the water say to the boat?
    Nothing. It just waved.

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