Valentines Day

Today was super awesome!  This morning before anyone was even awake my mom and I dropped off candies and Valentines at everyone’s door.  After breakfast, I went to school, but in the middle of school some people from the Starlight Foundation came in and made cupcakes with us.  The main cooker was a clown named Stretch and he was very tall and funny.  He made a bunch of jokes and told us we could only eat 20 cupcakes each.  Then he gave us a present to keep – a loot bag with a bouncy ball and some candies and notepads and stuff.  He also gave the moms a present from us.  He told the moms that he came by last night while they were sleeping  and took us all shopping, but that wasn’t true. I made mom a Valentine at school and gave her a bookmark.  At school my teacher gave me ANOTHER present!

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17 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. Wow. What awesome energy in that hospital! How do they do it. Ben you are a trooper and deserve the best. Keep it up buddy.

  2. It is almost like Christmas over there with all the love and sharing ! Glad to see you so happy and excited. HAPPY VALENTINE’S Day ….it is almost 9 pm in Montréal . The weather here is very nice , reached 10 C today. I am doing good and always glad to hear from you. XXXXX

  3. Happy Valentines Day Ben!!!! And you too Karen 😉 We are so glad to see and hear that you had such an awesome day!!! Sounds like an amazing hospital!! Love all the pictures!! Looks like you both got some great stuff!! (Must be a good brand in the lotions etc with a name like that 😉).

  4. Ben, what a party you had! We didn’t have a clown at school and didn’t get super cupcakes like you did.

    I’m glad you both had such a good day. The pictures are great! Nice to see Ben in “real clothes” again too. I bet that’s a lot nicer than having to wear hospital pjs.

  5. Ben you have the best smiles!!! I brushed my teeth twice last night from all the chocolate I ate yesterday! We miss you! 🙂

  6. I’ve never stayed in a hospital like that! Wow! I love your smiles too! You are such a trooper! Lots of real love and virtual hugs your way and for your mommy too! xx

  7. What a great Valentine’s Day! I love reading about your journey and thanks for posting pictures too! You’re an amazing team!

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