Our newest family member….

As some of you might know…when Ben got his “wish” last year, he had to give them a list of three things he might like. Wishes and Dreams His three wishes were 1) a dog 2) a ride in an army tank and 3) a trip to Disneyworld (in no particular order). This first bit happened almost two years ago! During the interview he sold the dog thing pretty hard. As a matter of fact, I was sure that was going to be the wish that was granted (they asked permission). However, we ended up getting the trip to Disneyworld (which was amazing!!!).

Anyways, getting a dog for him was always in the back of my mind, but life was busy. I was sure he was allergic combined with the fact that he has asthma – it just wasn’t a logical choice for us. However, sometimes you have to take care of the heart too!!!

This Christmas we again heard about his want/love/need for a dog. “I don’t think this is going away any time soon” I said to Jesse. Anyways, we ended up working with an amazing breeder who crossed a goldendoodle with a hepa filter (kidding) and what do you know…we got our puppy. There is a lot of joy in our house these days!!!

He’s actually pretty amazing and a perfect fit for our family. Right now the kids and I are in Montreal for a doctor’s appointment – I will send an update on that shortly – and all I have been hearing is “I miss Charlie”!

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3 thoughts on “Our newest family member….

  1. Ben, how exciting is that. When you get back home you will have sent us a picture of you and Charlie!

  2. Charlie looks so loveable , you must all be so excited. Hope your appointment in Montréal goes well. After your return , I would like to stop by for a short visit over a cup of tea , it has been too long. Thinking of you…xox

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