Shriner’s Gala

So, a huge thank you to everyone who donated to the Shriners Gala. I think the night was a great success! Ben attended with us. I had to speak, so he introduced me. He was far more comfortable With a microphone than I was!

He spent most of the night wandering back and forth between our table and a silent auction item he had his eye on – a purple Cadbury bike (yeah – like the chocolate) with gears. We told him he could bid on it, so he watched the bid sheet closely. Eventually we told him that he couldn’t bid on it any more as it was getting too high. He was ok with that but disappointed. At the end of the night a couple we didn’t really know rolled the bike over and gave it to Ben. They (and everyone in the place it seems) noticed this little boy wandering back and forth to the bike. (I heard there was a bit of a bidding war at one point…Michelle! :). There were a lot of wet eyes around when they gave the bike to Ben – except for Ben. Crying was the last thing on his mind. He was beside himself with joy! We are so lucky to have so much kindness bestowed upon us! Now we just have to wait a few years for him to be big enough to ride it!

Special thanks to Aunt Betty and Uncle Don for the amazing homemade quilt, my friend Crystal Ralph who also made an awesome homemade quilt, Tracy Sheppard and Brian LeBarge at Wild Orchid Liquor Company in Hinton for their awesome beer gift basket, Mel Kapicki at Smart Firewood for his (2) 1/2 cords of wood, Michelle Sitzler for her keep-on-giving Mustang Quilt, and the amazing town of Creston for providing:

A lovely basket from TIGZ TEA in Creston with the following all local products:-

Large Sasquatch Coffee roasted in Creston, Queen City Crisps from Nelson, 2 Chocolate Bars from Green Chocolate Works (BC), Queen B’s Caramel Corn (Kelowna), Mrs. Palmers Antipasto (Cranbrook), Dried Salami from Root & VIne Acres in Creston, two Bad Duck Caramel bars, Creston Cherry Rose Tea variety pack and local Swan Valley Honey.

2 night stay at the new Creston Ramada OR a 4 night stay at Arrow Mountain RV

Dinner for 2 at Ricky’s All Day Grill

2 Tickets to your choice of event this summer at 3-eh Stage

An afternoon tour of Wynnwood Cellars Winery

 A Scenic flight over the Creston Valley from Wynnwood Cellars as well

So how amazing is all that. And these are only the donations that came through our friends – there were so many more there! (I hope I didn’t forget anyone!). Thank you to all our amazing friends who attended with us as well! It was a great night.


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6 thoughts on “Shriner’s Gala

  1. Children like Ben are so gifted by the web support that surrounds them. He’s a lucky little man. So much caring and love!!!!

  2. Yeah Ben! You look so handsome in your suit! Good job introducing your mom. How exciting to have a new bike from those very kind people.

  3. Thank you Karen and Jesse for the lovely evening . And I was so happy for you Ben! Hope you enjoy your bike even more in the future.

  4. Karen, such a ‘feel good blog.’ Yet another example of the kind and caring people that make our world a better place.
    Wow Ben, that is pretty exciting!

  5. Oh my goodness! Tears!!! What a handsome boy and the bike!!! Wow, that is so, soooo awesome! Hugs and Blessings to all of you! xoxo

  6. Wow good job Ben, You look so natural with that microphone and so handsome as well. I bet you’re looking forward to the day that you can ride that bike. Blessings.

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