Call Out for Donations…

Hi everyone! Jesse and I will be attending the annual Al Shamal Shrine Gala Dinner Auction and Dance on May 3rd, 2019. The evening hosts a silent auction and a live auction (hosted by Danny Hooper) and the proceeds raised go to help fund their operations. As you know, I’m a huge supporter of the Shriners – we have seen their generosity affect our life and the lives of so many kiddos we’ve met on our journey so far. Last year donations were as simple as Tupperware to as extravagant as a Lexus car rental for a year and some fancy trips. There are also ways to donate through advertising and such. If you would like to attend, tickets are $110 or $800 per table. This is a super fun event and if you go, you can say to your friends at work on Monday when they ask “what did you do this weekend?” “Oh…I just attended a gala (yawn), which will make you seem way cooler than you normally are (especially if you underplay it). Then you put your keys to your new Lexus SUV (that’s right…Lexus) on top of the water cooler as you pop your head into the hr office to ask for a week off to go on some weird fancy holiday you also won – all of this while helping out an awesome charity. Win, win, win!!! Let me know if you are interested, and I can hook you up with the right folks.

Note: when you spend money on indulgent things at charity auctions you can use the following verbage “I donated….”, or “I won…”, which makes spending money seem even more wholesome!!!

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4 thoughts on “Call Out for Donations…

  1. Hi Karen
    I have a super cool hand made quilt that I can donate for your auction. I didn’t make it I actually bought it at a charity auction. It of course is a mustang quilt.

  2. Hi Karen, I got the hint! LOL I’m happy to donate something to the Silent Auction, to support this most worthy cause! How do I go about getting the gift to the right place?

    Cheers! Marcia Faught

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