8. A LOVEly Week

When you are staying in a hospital, the staff tends to go out of their way to make every celebration important, so it wasn’t a surprise when our Valentine’s day turned into a Valentine’s week. For the kiddos, it was a week filled with fun, fun, fun!!!

Monday was a holiday here, so it was filled with boringness and drudgery that I will talk about some other time. However, Tuesday showed up with a bang; the whole week was filled with fun and distractions, which made the week fly by! Ben was pulled from school early on Tuesday morning to enjoy a unique and interesting puppet show. With a creativity that I can only call Montrealesque, we watched two tiny dolls journey through mountains, deserts, oceans, and space.

See what I mean!

On Wednesday, Ben was also pulled from class early to participate in a Valentine’s Day sports competition, which included basketball, bowling, and bean bag tosses. Of course we all cheered each other on! We also had xrays on Wednesday. We saw them, but we are waiting for our doctor to come back to find out his thoughts on them (he is away at a conference).

Bowling with Screws!

On Thursday, two Air Canada pilots came to visit Benjamin at school. They used an ipad to show Ben all of the controls inside an aircraft and how they work. They also showed him videos of planes landing in places all over Canada. They were kind, patient, and generous and gave Ben a Wings of Courage – Honorary Pilot Certificate.

On Friday we woke up early to deliver our own Valentine’s to our hospital friends. There are currently two other long-term kiddos here (one has his sister here as well), so we snuck up to the door to deliver our Valentines while they were still sleeping. We also dropped off a gift for our nurses! Ben was again pulled out of school to decorate some cupcakes and marshmallows and have an official Valentines party complete with gift bags and stuffies for the the kids to take back to their rooms.

Pac-Man!!! Complete with sounds!

So, Ben has had a pain-free week and is off all pain medications. He is busy and works hard at school. We still have a tentative date of Feb 26th for our surgery, but I am unsure if we are still on target for that or not. I suspect we will get answers this week. So for now…just keep waiting!

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