9. Cute from the Inside Out! Feb 18, 2020

So…I was sitting with my amazing nurse practitioner today, and we were scrolling through Ben’s CT scans. As the images were moving past, me (being the smart ass I am) said ‘I think I can see what the problem is. There is a puppy inside him’. We both looked again and burst out laughing! Hmmm…no wonder his neck is crooked. Puppies wreak havoc! I stopped Ben to tell him “don’t freak out Ben – THERE IS A PUPPY LIVING IN YOUR SPINE!!!Ben, of course, is thrilled!

I think I see the problem!

Photos seems to be our thing today! Our PR department stopped by today for a bit of a photo shoot with Ben and the Chairman of the board. I think Ben is going to be one of Montreal Shriners poster children for 2020.

Ben showing off his new toy!

I believe we are on track for surgery next Wednesday (Feb 26th)…let the worrying begin!!!

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2 thoughts on “9. Cute from the Inside Out! Feb 18, 2020

  1. Wow! Love the puppy!!! Good eye mamma! I’ve always respected the Shriners but now have such a broader insight into what they do. What an amazing organization! … and Ben is such a sweet heart! ❤️

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