Quick Update… July 7, 2020

Alright…things have escalated quickly for us from a week ago. We noticed last night that Ben’s tiny red dot has become more prominent and it seems to be scabbing up a bit. I sent an email to our team in Montreal at bed-time last night, and I woke up with an answer this morning. I have been on the phone all day as people are working together (QUICKLY) to make this all happen. So here’s the deal:

We will fly out first thing Sunday morning. It will only be Benjamin and myself this time because only one parent is allowed due to COVID. We have a full day of pre-op clinic on Monday, then we will be having emergency surgery on Tuesday morning. I really have no idea what the surgery will entail. It was such a crazy, chaotic day that I didn’t really have a chance to ask. My guess is that our doctor will decide once he actually gets in there and starts poking around. It is actually not the screw that is causing us problems, but one of the rods. If you look at the xray, you can see the four screws on the bottom. Follow the rods up about an inch and you can see the tail of one of the upper rods pointing out a little. This is our problem. Every time Benjamin bends or moves, it is poking him from the inside out. So, today we made him either stand up straight or lie straight back. We are discouraging any movement that will put him in a hunched or bending motion. It’s times like these we miss our halo!

Anyways, that is all I know for now. For the next few days our goal is to not let the rod come through the skin (I can’t believe I am saying this…sober too!). If it does, our next big goal will be keeping it as clean as possible so it doesn’t get infected. I bought a tonne of first aid supplies for the next few days. UGHHHHH!!! I probably won’t update until after we get there and do our pre-op clinic as I have a tonne of stuff to do before then.

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11 thoughts on “Quick Update… July 7, 2020

  1. Thinking of you both and hoping that rod stays inside till it is taken care of. Stay calm and stay strong, you’ve got this! Hugs, Billye

  2. Oh Karen I’m so sorry to hear this!!! I will pray for no infection, a successful surgery with smooth recovery and no further surgical complications. I’m thankful you’re surrounded by such an amazing team and that you won’t have too much time to worry about everything!

  3. Awe Benjamin I am praying so hard for you little man. We pray that all goes well with surgery & everything else. You are my hero. You are such a trooper always with a smile. Love you lots. ❤️❤️

  4. Wow! So much so fast! You have such an exceptional team there for you and Ben! They’re truly amazing! Praying for a comfortable flight for Ben (wine for mom), and know that we’re all sending you so much love and healing while they take care of Ben. Love you all so much xoxo

  5. Hello Karen and Ben. I read your story and hope that all goes well for Ben and you. He is in my thoughts and praying for both of you. Miss you guys.

  6. I will keep you in my thoughts wishing that everything goes well. Love you…xox

  7. 😲 oh my goodness! Sending love and “straight back” hugs. Love you guys! ❤️

  8. Thank goodness you spotted that, Karen! He’s such a little trooper, you both are!… always smiling and full of fun!!! I’m sure that all of Team Benjamin love you in the midst of all that goes on! Sending lots of love and prayers for a safe and successful trip and surgery. Bless your hearts, everyone of you and including family left at home. ❤️🥂🙏🏻❤️

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