ICU Quick Update

First of all, we’ve had a bit better and less roller-coastery day than yesterday.  We were able to extubate  Ben this morning.  By the time we did, we were both eager to do so.  Once we pulled Ben out of sedation, in order to extubate him, he was extremely agitated with the tube.  This caused crying, which in turn aggravated the secretions in his lungs, making the doctors hesitant to want to take out the tube and so on…  anyways, we eventually got it out and he is just receiving light oxygen support.  His swelling has also reduced significantly, which is a big relief.  Yesterday he looked like he got hit by a Mack truck, and today he just looks like he got in a bar fight (and lost).  

Unfortunately, we have to spend another night here, and we can’t get back to our ‘home away from home’ – Shriners.  The doctors here are concerned that Ben’s respiratory rate is quite fast and shallow.  He has also developed a mild fever.  Having said that, he is one tough little cookie, and manages to smile despite the obvious pain he is in.  Because he’s been laying down all the time since his surgery, we haven’t really taken time to appreciate the absence of our friend the Frankenhelmut.  I should have asked to keep a screw for his dysfunctional scrapbook!  

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10 thoughts on “ICU Quick Update

  1. Looking good Ben!! Jack might not recognize without your Transformer helmut but we are glad it’s gone despite losing your flying abilities. Hope your back “home” soon. Rest well.

  2. My word, what a “crooked journey” your family has been on. Give that little man tons of hugs from all of us in the west.

  3. Can’t keep a “Superhero” down for long…..let the healing begin!
    Big hugs headed your way!

  4. Ben that’s the most beautiful smile I’ve seen! You truly are a superhero, I think Spiderman and Superman are going to be out of a job.

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