An awesome stocking stuffer idea…

So… our local Edmonton Shriners (Al Shamal Shriners) are hosting

The Al Shamal Shriners Group Night at the Oil Kings

at Rogers Place on Friday February 14, 2020

Christmas and Valentines Day in one swoop! … so I was thinking – wouldn’t that make an awesome STOCKING STUFFER!!!

I just wanted to take a minute to remind you who these guys are to us. These are the local Shriners who not only donate huge sums of money to our very own Shriner’s Hospital in Canada (aka home away from home for us), but they are also the ones who are responsible for arranging flights, hotels, rides, and whatever we (and others like us) could possibly need to make it to our medical appointments.

(Pssssst…Secretly I just happen to know that these guys have done a tonne of stuff for both the Glenrose and the Stollery in the past.) So, if you are thinking you might be interested in supporting such an organization, then here is a super awesome opportunity to do just that!

Please call Denise (780) 482-6065 at the Al Shamal Shriners Office, and she can hook you up with tickets – I think you have to buy the tickets through the Shriners office in order for the donation to go through… I’m sure if you want to buy large sums of tickets and donate them to the event, she can probably help you with that too. If you are also thinking…hey, I really want to find a weird hat that kind of looks like an upside down mixing bowl with a tassle coming out of it…she might even be able to help you with that too? If you’re single and not wanting to be alone on Valentine’s Day – think about it…no one is going to turn down a charity date…c’mon!!! #singlenomore #Ihelpdisabledkids #I’mnotacharitycase #loveisintheair

(In case you’re wondering…nobody forces me to mention things like this on the blog – although it would be super funny if some clowns threatened to rough me up and tickle me or something if I didn’t – let’s think about that for a minute)

Thanks for considering this! Thanks Shriners for organizing this event! Go Oil Kings! The tickets are $25 each with extra proceeds going to Shriners.

On another note: it looks like we are going to Montreal to have another surgery again in late January. I will let you know all the details in the upcoming weeks. Have a Merry Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “An awesome stocking stuffer idea…

  1. Karen, as you prepare for the next leg of your journey please know that we will be sending plenty-o positive thoughts your way!

    1. Thank you both! Thank you so much for offering to help with our bean baggies!!! I will be updating the blog soon – lots of stuff going on in our life these days!

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