One Surgery Down…

Ben made it through his surgery well.  He had a difficult intubation, so they are keeping us at MCH overnight.  They installed the halo and also did an anchor on his lumbar spine.  He isn’t talking much, but gives a thumbs-up when asked how he is.  Tonight will be all about comfort and pain management.  Both his doctor and his anesthesiologist say he’s one tough cookie!  

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2 thoughts on “One Surgery Down…

  1. What a relief Karen …one done. You are so courageous and so is Ben. Thank you for your blog , it keeps me informed of the situation and reassures me. Benjamin , you’re recovering now and soon you will feel better , Thumbs- up ! xxx

  2. Hi Ben. I’m glad your first surgery went well. You are a brave little guy! I’m proud of you for how you are handling it. It will be hard at times but I know you can do it. We miss you and your smile in class. Here’s two thumbs-up for you! 🙂 🙂

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