Funny Doctor

Today is my first surgery.  I was very scared.  They said they are going to put pins in my head and some in my back.  I met the guy who was going to put me to sleep and he was so funny I forgot how scared I was.  He juggled balls for me and threw kisses at me that hit me in the head.  When he picked me up to take me to the OR, he made a giant farting noise that made me laugh really hard. Dr. Pablo is my friend.  He put strawberry smell in my mask.  

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3 thoughts on “Funny Doctor

  1. What a Blessing! Amazing doctor/patient skills to put Ben at ease … xx This is just as hard, if not harder on mom … sending big virtual hugs! xx

  2. Thinking of you Ben and wishing you a speedy recovery. In my experience patients in halo traction actually have a lot of fun hanging and spinning around once they get used to it! The first few days are the hardest but I promise it will get better!

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