I’ve got wheels!

This morning  the medicine they gave me to make my back hurt made me get sick.  Mom said I had to sit in my wheelchair today and I didn’t want to.  I was scared of it hurting too much, but I really liked sitting up and I stayed in it all afternoon.  I even got some Fruit by the Foot as a treat!  Now I’m tired and sick again, so I’m going to lay in bed and watch a movie.  My back didn’t  hurt as much today as it did yesterday.

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9 thoughts on “I’ve got wheels!

  1. Very happy to hear that you enjoyed sitting up. Ben you are doing great , besides the sickness here and there , it will get better with time. ! Talk to you soon.. Love xxx Hi Karen!

  2. Hi Ben, I think you’re very brave! Sorry the medicine makes you sick but I’m sure that will go away soon. I’m thinking of you often. Enjoy the wheelchair! ğŸ’ž Ms Pam

  3. Hey little buddy, so sorry that the medicine makes you sick. We know someone who has gone through, I think, the same surgery as you. She is going home from hospital soon! We hope that you will feel better really soon! Have fun in your wheel chair! We’re sending you and mommy big hugs! xoxo Gr-aunty Sue

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