Our Altered Life – a book review

I bought this book almost two years ago. I knew that the syndrome discussed in the book was also my son’s syndrome, but I just didn’t want to read a book that was going to be a downer. Finally this summer I pulled it out and literally couldn’t put it down for three days. My husband heckled me – “anytime I get up you’re reading again”. After three almost sleepless nights, here are my thoughts:

This book touched me on many levels. As the mother of a child with a ‘rare’ disorder, Charlene’s journey brought me comfort and a sense of camaraderie that few in this world are able to fill. Her frank and honest confessions are a letter of forgiveness to all parents – despite the conditions of their children. Her sense of humour is a shield that arms her against the ongoing assaults that special needs parenting requires. Her book also touches upon the power of advocacy and the necessity of accepting help from others.

As a teacher, I felt that this book was an invaluable resource into understanding what goes on behind the scenes of our autistic students. It taught me to better understand the stress many of these parents can go through. Charlene’s recollections of the importance of Harry’s teachers and the balance of kindness and demands motivated me to become better at my job. I think this is a must read (and an easy read) for all humans who are inspired by the way others embrace challenges and persist. Despite any obstacles put in her way, she has a warm heart and continues to find ways to help others in their journey. I have now become a big fan of Charlene (Charlie) and follow her journey on her blog at http://www.ouralteredlife.com; instagram @ouralteredlife; or on FB. This is a great read!

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2 thoughts on “Our Altered Life – a book review

  1. Fantastic book but be sure to have tissues to hand loaDS of happy tears and.of course sad. Ones
    Second time of reading and I know I will read it again.xxx

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