15. We’ve Been Shrinered

Things started moving very quickly once Ben was off oxygen. He started taking little walking trips and was able to go back to school. He is at the point where we just need to manage his pain and let him heal. He is also on iron to help him replenish the blood he lost. So…home is the best place for all that to happen. Ben’s only job for the next 6 weeks is to take it easy. He will stay at home, so home school it is (I hear the home ec program is amazing!!!).

Yesterday was discharge day. Ben got ready for school and then our room was inundated with tonnes of staff squishing in to wish us the best in the next part of our journey and on our way home. Ben was given “the best gift ever”, a gift of army guys and army shirts; we were saturated with the love and kindness that has become our normal. We were hugged, loved, and squished! With a big smile on his face, Ben left for school, while I dried the tears off my cheeks. We’d just got Shrinered…again!

Rather than going straight home, we are staying at a hotel for a few days to make sure we are good to go. Last time we had surgery, we went right from the hospital to the plane – it was hard on Ben. We will fly home this weekend.

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5 thoughts on “15. We’ve Been Shrinered

  1. I have been following your posts and I am so happy to hear that Ben will be home soon and is on the way to recovery. He is so my hero!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Yay! Have a great trip home! He’s such a trooper; I can’t imagine his discomfort! Love the Shriners! 🥰

  3. You make many people happy with such wonderful news . Have a good trip back home .
    AUREVOIR! xox

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