Our Altered Life – a book review

I bought this book almost two years ago. I knew that the syndrome discussed in the book was also my son's syndrome, but I just didn't want to read a book that was going to be a downer. Finally this summer I pulled it out and literally couldn't put it down for three days. My [...]

What a ding-a-ling!

I've spent money on a lot of stupid things over the years, but by far, the stupidest money I have ever spent was on a doorbell for our new dog. "Communication is important" I said. I worried that he was too clumsy to scratch on the door to go out. Whenever I lifted his paws [...]

Shriners Oil Kings Event on Valentines Day

Al-Shamal-Shriners-Night-Order-FormDownload in Edmonton, AB Tickets - $25 each or 4 for $90 Ways to buy tickets: Super Easy - Call the Shriners office Monday - Friday (I did this and they took my Visa payment over the phone). They can hold the tickets for you at Will Call. Ph: 780-482-6065 Fill out the form above [...]

Boy – it’s been a while! July 2, 2020

I certainly owe you guys an apology. I wanted to update you all when we arrived home and got back into routine, but....hmmm...that never happened. Instead we came home to a zombie apocalypse where toilet paper became its own currency and hand sanitizer became the new truffle. Anyways, we are home - we are safe, [...]