If worry was an Olympic Sport

If worry was  an Olympic sport, I think I'd bring home the gold.  Before you even start reading, I apologize; I have a lot of time on my hands. This is what I think it would look like if worrying was an Olympic sport. ************************************************************************** Announcer Bob:  Well it's looking to be a grey day [...]

I’m Gonna Catch a Leprechaun

I have been super busy building my leprechaun trap.  We put all kinds of things in it to get the leprechauns to come, and when they do they are gonna climb up my rainbow ladder (because they love colors and ladders). When they try to grab all my gold and green and blue coins in it, [...]

Pajama Party

Imagine this conversation: Karen (to accountant)  Hi there - I've printed out all my profit and loss statements for last year.  I wasn't sure if this was the balance sheet you were looking for.   Does that look right to you?  Do you think I need to include the receipts for the new computer software I've been [...]

Beyond Language

I am always amazed at the instant connection hospital parents have with each other.  It is a connection that goes beyond culture, language, and class.  One of the volunteer jobs that I have at my local hospital is peer mentoring.  This job entails the volunteers (hospital parents) to go and orient new parents to the hospital and [...]

I’m gonna need 250 cc’s of Cabernet…STAT!!!

Alright....so today we are at 14 pounds of traction.  I have noticed a few changes over the weekend, nothing too alarming EXCEPT THAT MY KID NOW LIKES TO HANG FROM HIS SCREWS!!!  Ummmmm....yeah...that's right. No, I'm not joking.   The staff here say that Ben is quite the acrobat with his halo...yay!  He LOVES doing hangy things, which [...]

Back to routine…

Ben had a good weekend visiting with his dad and his sister.  It is these little distractions that help make time pass a bit more quickly around here.  Our weekdays actually go by fairly quickly, but our weekends seem endless.  However, I was able to recharge a bit this weekend and spend some time with [...]