Busy Days…

Ben is getting stronger day by day.  We have now renamed his left hand 'Lazy" and Ben has to reach up and touch some hanging gorilla/bear to pay for special treats he wants...ie:  ipad = 5 Lazy touches.  It seems to be helping.  We have shortened our traction times to make it more manageable.  Today [...]

The Art of Bullying 

Although bullying these days tends to be frowned upon, it is still discreetly (or sometimes not so discreetly) active in our schools today.  You can put on your pink anti bullying shirt for a day, but the next day is teasing as usual.  Children with physical disabilities are two times more likely to be bullied [...]

Home Sweet Home Away From Home!

Ben's fever resolved itself at about 4:00 a.m.   Ben continues to have fast shallow breathing, but it could be related to his pain.  He woke up this morning with a significant amount of pain, and we worked with the Acute Pain Management team at MCH to try to make him comfortable.  Benjamin was given his own P.C.A [...]